A Heart’s Cry


“Turn back to me,” says God. I can think of no greater physical act that signals disinterest, disloyalty, or dislike more than to turn our back on someone who is standing right there in front of us.”

“All that matters is that we put our face to Him and our back to everything else, tell Him we are sorry , and mean it.”

These are just a few quotes from Lisa Whittle’s new book “I Want God.”

As I sit here, thinking of the chapters that filled my heart with hunger for God, my heart begins to ache. You see, I read “I Want God” over a month a go, I took notes, I prayed, and God changed me. Oh, but here I am feeling like I’m back at the beginning. I planned to spend time with God in the morning, after my workout, but failed…two days in a row. Does God want me to feel condemned, no, but like a daughter that misses her father when he’s away on a business trip, I miss spending quality time with my Heavenly Father and my attitude and actions reflect it.
A deep sigh came from my chest, as I walked up my soft carpeted stairs, I heard God’s gentle voice say, “Your trying to do it all on your own.” “Yes, I am,” I replied. The wonderful thing about God is, even when we don’t make the time to sit with him, he’s still with us. He is always patiently waiting for his turn. “We are most at risk when we are not in crisis.” I don’t want to be in a crisis to then call on His name. I want to be so full of God that when the crisis comes, I’m strong enough to stand because I already feel God’s presence with me.
If you’re questioning where your relationship with God stands, I recommend this book. If you need a revival in your life, I recommend this book. If you no longer just need God, but want Him, I recommend this book!
I leave you with this….
1. God is what I want most.
2. Other things will scream for my attention.
3. I will have to choose between them.

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Can You Give God 7 Days?


Life is busy, kids to take care of, the house needs to be cleaned, dishes are piling up, and don’t even get me started about the laundry. However, God is whispering, “how about me…your creator, giver of peace, strong foundation, loving father.”

I invite you to the #givegod7days challenge! Click, here, to accept this challenge, if you truly want God. It’s your choice, He will never force you.

You will see a place mid-way down the page to submit your name and email address to receive the downloadable in your email. I pray each of you will join us, tomorrow, Sept. 15th.

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i want god

How are you positioned?

20140824-192443.jpg“When we want God first and most, we position ourselves differently than we did before.” -Lisa Whittle

Our world needs revival, but before it can come to the world it must come to the church, and before it comes to the church it must begin in us.

“That is the beauty of a relationship with God: It always starts with the personal. God only did corporately what He did first within each of them. It is why we must seek a revival of the soul before we seek a large-scale spiritual awakening. God is about consuming single hearts for Him one at a time and then bringing those hearts together to do something extraordinary. But revival always begins in one.” (Excerpt from I Want God)

How are you positioned?

When the Stirring Doesn’t Stop!

20140820-075238.jpgFor the past eight years of my life I have been pregnant or nursing. I have given my full attention to my family. Until a couple of years ago, this was enough.  Then all of a sudden, my heart started saying, there is more. I like the way Lisa Whittle explains it in her new book, I Want God, “Even when we ignore it, the God-call inside all of us does not keep quiet. In everyday life, the God-call persists too. So while we may be able to run from service for a time, eventually we won’t be able to. The God-call on our life will simply be too loud and too strong.”

Since I believe a woman’s number one ministry is her family, I continued to pour into each of my family members, all the while my heart was stirring. I eventually started a blog, From the Committed Heart. I thought this blog would be the missing piece of my heart’s call and though it has helped, my heart kept stirring. About mid May, of this year, I felt God say, it’s time. My heart was pounding, tears were flowing, it’s been almost a decade since I lead a ministry! I prayed for God to show me how I would be able to lead a small group without it taking away from my number one ministry, my family. 

After throwing around some ideas with a friend, I have received the blessing from my church to start a women’s group called, From the Committed Heart. I will be sharing about the many hats we as women wear and the importance of your relationship with our God the Father first and our husband second.  

I’m excited to announce that the first meeting will be Monday, September 8th, from 10:00 am to 11:30 am at Faith Assembly, in the Prayer room. If you are a married woman, living in the Orlando area and are available, I would love for you to join us.
*ATTN: If you are planning to attend Monday, Sept. 8th and need CHILDCARE, please contact 407-275-8790 ext. 1105 or childcare@faithassembly.org by Friday, Sept. 5th


More Than Popularity…

20140814-202208.jpgI have the pleasure of being part of the launch team for Lisa Whittle’s new book, I Want God. Tonight I want to share on the section about “More Than Popularity.”

Woe to you when everyone speaks well of you, for that is how their ancestors treated the false prophets. Luke 6:26

“When we give ourselves away to other people, we can never fully give our whole selves to God.” What did these words mean. I thought we were to give ourselves to help others, to serve and invest in others. Yes, this is true, but that is not what Lisa is talking about here.  No, she is talking about us getting to a place where we secretly, down deep, hunger for approval, for spotlights, for recognition and when we come to this place, we set God’s words aside and seek out our own agenda. “Popularity never lets life be about simple things because it serves a bigger agenda.”

“God didn’t create people to become other people’s gods. He knows that when we become other people’s gods we will not fight the same, love the same, risk the same. He knows we won’t preach the same. He knows we will settle and become watered down people. He knows it will make us dilute bitter-tasting truth so people can swallow it better. “

“We live in a culture that says Make me popular, while Jesus says Become less. It’s a daily fight to want God more than ourselves.” Talk about putting yourself in check. Whose’s agenda are you seeking?

God help us to see through our own selfish desires. I pray you break our need for attention and approval. I want you! I Want God!

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I Want God

20140808-195948.jpgWe need more of God, but we do not really want Him. The truth is, until the want matches the need, nothing will ever change. Needing without wanting is just a really good idea that never sees light. (Excerpt from Lisa Whittle’s new book, I Want God)

*Do you want Him or just need Him? Something to think about this weekend.

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