More Than Popularity…

20140814-202208.jpgI have the pleasure of being part of the launch team for Lisa Whittle’s new book, I Want God. Tonight I want to share on the section about “More Than Popularity.”

Woe to you when everyone speaks well of you, for that is how their ancestors treated the false prophets. Luke 6:26

“When we give ourselves away to other people, we can never fully give our whole selves to God.” What did these words mean. I thought we were to give ourselves to help others, to serve and invest in others. Yes, this is true, but that is not what Lisa is talking about here.  No, she is talking about us getting to a place where we secretly, down deep, hunger for approval, for spotlights, for recognition and when we come to this place, we set God’s words aside and seek out our own agenda. “Popularity never lets life be about simple things because it serves a bigger agenda.”

“God didn’t create people to become other people’s gods. He knows that when we become other people’s gods we will not fight the same, love the same, risk the same. He knows we won’t preach the same. He knows we will settle and become watered down people. He knows it will make us dilute bitter-tasting truth so people can swallow it better. “

“We live in a culture that says Make me popular, while Jesus says Become less. It’s a daily fight to want God more than ourselves.” Talk about putting yourself in check. Whose’s agenda are you seeking?

God help us to see through our own selfish desires. I pray you break our need for attention and approval. I want you! I Want God!

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