A Heart’s Cry


“Turn back to me,” says God. I can think of no greater physical act that signals disinterest, disloyalty, or dislike more than to turn our back on someone who is standing right there in front of us.”

“All that matters is that we put our face to Him and our back to everything else, tell Him we are sorry , and mean it.”

These are just a few quotes from Lisa Whittle’s new book “I Want God.”

As I sit here, thinking of the chapters that filled my heart with hunger for God, my heart begins to ache. You see, I read “I Want God” over a month a go, I took notes, I prayed, and God changed me. Oh, but here I am feeling like I’m back at the beginning. I planned to spend time with God in the morning, after my workout, but failed…two days in a row. Does God want me to feel condemned, no, but like a daughter that misses her father when he’s away on a business trip, I miss spending quality time with my Heavenly Father and my attitude and actions reflect it.
A deep sigh came from my chest, as I walked up my soft carpeted stairs, I heard God’s gentle voice say, “Your trying to do it all on your own.” “Yes, I am,” I replied. The wonderful thing about God is, even when we don’t make the time to sit with him, he’s still with us. He is always patiently waiting for his turn. “We are most at risk when we are not in crisis.” I don’t want to be in a crisis to then call on His name. I want to be so full of God that when the crisis comes, I’m strong enough to stand because I already feel God’s presence with me.
If you’re questioning where your relationship with God stands, I recommend this book. If you need a revival in your life, I recommend this book. If you no longer just need God, but want Him, I recommend this book!
I leave you with this….
1. God is what I want most.
2. Other things will scream for my attention.
3. I will have to choose between them.

To get a copy Lisa’s book, I Want God, CLICK here.

*There’s also a chance to win a copy of “I Want God.” Head over to @fromthecommittedheart on Instagram to enter. The winner will be announced Tuesday morning!

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