“I love to vacuum, mopping is exciting, and laundry is my favorite thing to do in my free time,” said no mother ever.

Face it chores have never been the highlight of our lives, but they weren’t meant for torture either. I challenge you to grasp the deeper purpose…cleaning and decorating creates a place of comfort and refuge for your family. We have the power to take a “house” and make it a “home,” a place of safety, and a retreat from the negative noise of this world.

How will you view cleaning today or this weekend?

Friendly Reminder (for kids)


Getting into a routine can be challenging at times for anyone, especially kids. They wake up sleepy and forgetful. Parents are busy with their own routine and can also forget to remind their kids of the things they should be doing. By pinning up a “Daily Reminder List”, I am able to take the stress off of myself and the kids. Now they can check the list instead of me asking them if they have done x, y, z.

Are you wanting to set your family up for success? Then give them the tools to do so. Click this link,The Friendly Daily Reminder List, to see our list up close. You can revise it to fit your family’s needs.


Special Delivery

Do everything without grumbling or arguing…

Philippians 2:14

Special delivery! When the kids were younger we would play UPS with our laundry. Each of my daughters would have a baby stroller or basket or kid grocery cart, to pick up their “special deliveries” (a.k.a. their laundry). One by one they would pick up a delivery and take it to their room. This would go on for twenty minutes or so, until all the laundry was put away. They loved playing this deliver game and I enjoyed the help with the laundry. I think teaching our kids about responsibility and chores at an early age is important but I also think it can be fun. It’s hard to grumble and complain when you are enjoying what you are doing 🙂

Now they have foldable totes with their name and pic that describes them. Even though there is only one delivery, they still enjoy picking up their special package.

On a side note, these totes also make it easier for Mama to organize the laundry as each load is done drying. I see a blue tote in the near future for our prince, Josiah.