Love Unconditionally

challengeKids mess up all the time, it’s part of growing up. As adults we can still fall short, yet our Heavenly Father is quick to forgive us and He welcomes us back with open arms every time.
We don’t earn His love for good behavior, He loves us no matter what. Let the same be true for your children…be a parent with open arms, a parent that corrects and disciplines, but LOVES unconditionally.


Friendly Reminder (for kids)


Getting into a routine can be challenging at times for anyone, especially kids. They wake up sleepy and forgetful. Parents are busy with their own routine and can also forget to remind their kids of the things they should be doing. By pinning up a “Daily Reminder List”, I am able to take the stress off of myself and the kids. Now they can check the list instead of me asking them if they have done x, y, z.

Are you wanting to set your family up for success? Then give them the tools to do so. Click this link,The Friendly Daily Reminder List, to see our list up close. You can revise it to fit your family’s needs.


Turkey (Foot)-Craft

Getting into the Thanksgiving Spirit! Gobble! Gobble!

Here’s a fun Thanksgiving craft for parent and child. The best part of the craft is painting your child’s foot. I loved hearing them laugh as I tickled their feet with the paint brush.

I hope I can encourage you to not get lost in the cooking and shopping these next few days, but take time to actually enjoy the holiday. Make crafts, play outside, and find ways to let your kids help you cook those special yummy treats, in the kitchen. ┬áTrust me, you won’t regret investing in family traditions that include the kids!