Special Delivery

Do everything without grumbling or arguing…

Philippians 2:14

Special delivery! When the kids were younger we would play UPS with our laundry. Each of my daughters would have a baby stroller or basket or kid grocery cart, to pick up their “special deliveries” (a.k.a. their laundry). One by one they would pick up a delivery and take it to their room. This would go on for twenty minutes or so, until all the laundry was put away. They loved playing this deliver game and I enjoyed the help with the laundry. I think teaching our kids about responsibility and chores at an early age is important but I also think it can be fun. It’s hard to grumble and complain when you are enjoying what you are doing 🙂

Now they have foldable totes with their name and pic that describes them. Even though there is only one delivery, they still enjoy picking up their special package.

On a side note, these totes also make it easier for Mama to organize the laundry as each load is done drying. I see a blue tote in the near future for our prince, Josiah.

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