Make Time

As I was taking down the Christmas tree the other day, I noticed a picture frame ornament that I had never put a picture in. For a month and half this ornament hung on our tree empty. Yeah, that’s pretty crazy, but the fact is it remained picture-less because it never made it to the top of my priority list. 

“I just don’t have time” or “it’s been so busy lately!” These are common statements I here way to often. 
The truth is we make time for what is important to us. 

What will you make time for this year? 

Here are some given priorities that should not waver:

*spending time in the Word and with God

*spending time with your husband (date nights, etc…)

*quality time with your children

*take time to invest in yourself and your health

If these above items don’t make it on your list you might want to consider reevaluating your priorities. 

Define Productivity

DSC_1952-2I am a Type A personality…waiting in long lines kill me because I always have something to do, somewhere to be, and I don’t like wasting time. Falling asleep is hard because I’m playing a never-ending list for the next day, week, or year through my mind. Though there are some negatives with being a Type A personality, there are also many positives. My favorite is productivity. If you need something done you can depend on me… I make things happen.

Yes, I made things happen….That was until I had kid after kid after kid after kid! Having kids is a wonderful thing. They need to be fed, changed, washed, and looked after 24/7. Your very organized to-do list become wipes for spills on your babies high chair. It’s not about helping others or even helping yourself, for that matter, but the focus is on these precious two eyed wild things looking up at you for everything.

If you don’t know me personally you might think I regret being a mom, but that couldn’t be more opposite. From when I was a toddler and my mom brought home my baby brother, I knew at that moment there was not a greater job or gift. The problem is I forget often what a blessing it truly is to have the name, “Mama”.

For example, three days ago, I noticed two Mommy friends sitting at a table cutting away at some invitations and making super cute centerpieces for a baby shower they are throwing. After talking with them a bit I walked away closing with these words, “well, at least y’all are able to be productive.” You see our daughters were all in ballet class together upstairs, so they had time to get things done because other kids are older and can take care of themselves. My boy on the other hand is a Tasmania on steroids, if he’s not watching “wv” (tv) that’s it, take your eyes off of him for a second and he’s gone. As soon as those words rolled off my tongue my heart dropped. An inner voice kept echoing them over and over, “at least you are able to be productive.” Really, like being a mom to a toddler isn’t productive, Bethany!? Spending time teaching, chasing, wrestling, tickling, and loving your son, isn’t productive?

Friends, our priorities and definitions get confused at times, but I’m here to tell you Type A Mama, you are being productive! If all you do is change diapers for the day, you are productive! If your kids are having an off day focusing on home school assignments, so you take them for ice cream, you are being productive. Type A Mama you have to look at things different than before kids. Use some Windex and look at your title again. Everyone says it, but it really is true, your kids will be grown and gone before you know it. You’ll have plenty of time for a personal list then. For now throw your own agenda out the door because the greatest check (off any list) you could ever give yourself is raising a child that has a heart after God, who is strong, smart, secure, independent, wise, and loving. Mama you are VERY PRODUCTIVE!

Planning for Today

“The plans of the diligent lead surely to plenty” Proverbs 21:5

Each day is special and unique, but do we view it that way? Probably not, we are guilty of being sucked into the hustle and bustle of life. In this new year, I desire to make the most out of each day…for no one is promised tomorrow. So, how do we cherish each day in itself? We have to plan intentionally for that day.

Preparing a successful day takes preparation, right before you shut your eyes for the night, plan out the next day. Take your journal, planner, or I personally use my iPad. First, schedule your quiet/devotion time with God. Second, write your husband’s name and list his needs (make his lunch, iron clothes, pick up dry cleaning, etc.). Then, write down your children’s names and the things you need to do for them (pack lunches, sign papers, schedule doctor appointments, etc.). Next, write down house, list the things that need to be cleaned that day or taken care of. Last, write down your personal “to do” list, which could consist of ministry, personal growth, fitness, etc. Make sure your list is prioritized: God first, husband second, children third, house next, and all other activities follow. Now, for the fun part, think of ways you can make that day special, lunch at the park, Mickey mouse pancakes, a little note in their lunch box, the list is endless.

By scheduling out your day the night before bed, you are able to get the things of tomorrow off your mind. You are able to write them down and let them worry about themselves, as you drift off into a peaceful sleep, so when morning comes, you are set up for success. Look over your list again, make sure you wrote down everything you wanted from the night before and then enjoy your day to the fullest!

Remember “this is the day” not tomorrow, not next week, but today, “which the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it” (Psalm 118:24). I hope you all have an amazing TODAY, every day!

“…who gives us richly all things to enjoy” 1 Timothy 6:17

#35 Time Management Tips


Time Management Below are 35 quick tips to help you manage your time more efficiently. Try adding one a day or three a week, into your routine. They are in no particular order.

1. Make a monthly menu calendar.
2. Plan your week out on sunday night before bed.
3. Schedule multiple appointments on one day.
4. Buy groceries for the week.
5. Have the kids lay out their clothes the night before.
6. Set timers for activities like social media, email, Pinterest, etc…
7. Turn the dishwasher on before you go to bed at night.
8. Pick one or two days a week to do all the laundry, including putting it away on the same day.
9. Pull out the meat to thaw in the morning, before breakfast.
10. Use a crock pot at least once a week for dinner.
11. Delegate chores between the kids.
12. Make up the bed first thing in the morning.
13. Have a set bedtime for the kids.
14. Don’t stay up late.
15. While folding laundry review your kid’s school work for the day or week.
16. Have the kids set the table, while you are making dinner.
17. Start your day early.
18. Limit your extra curricular activities outside the home.
19. Get dressed for the day first thing in the morning.
20. Limit time on the phone.
21. Wash and cut fresh veggies and fruits right after your grocery visit.
22. Have set places for toys, towels, shoes, clothes, linens, basically everything.
23. Put things back in there place when you are done using them.
24. Exercise and Diet
25. Prep for laundry day the night before by sorting all the clothes.
26. Schedule bills a month in advance.
27. Run errands only once a week.
28. Have a regular cleaning schedule.
29. Learn to say no to outside distractions.
30. Write down your plan for the next day, the night before.
31. Tidy the house before bed.
32. Read one tip a day on time management (this will help keep you motivated).
33. Do the worst, most dreaded task first. Once completed you will notice a burst of energy!
34. Value each day, each hour, each minute, and ask yourself is this task worth this much time.
35. And last but not least, KEEP MOVING. Body at rest stays at rest, body in motion stays in motion!

1 Timothy 5:14 I desire that the younger women…guide the house.

Lord give us wisdom on how to manage our time and our days more efficiently. May we see the true value in each day and honor it with the time you have given us. In Your Name Amen