A Life is A Life

“People say to me all the time, “Wow, you’re so lucky that you found what God wants you to do with your life.” I look at those people and think I didn’t find it, it was just in the Bible.  As someone who calls themselves a Christian it is very apparent that you are to love the Lord with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself.” Katie Davis

I often imagine myself in a third world country working at an orphanage. I picture Josiah running in the sand, playing kickball with the older boys, Victoria sitting in the sun braiding the little girl’s hair, Alayna rocking precious babies under a tree, and Kayla playing dolls with the youngest ones on the porch.  My heartstrings are pulled for the hurting and lost. There are many days I wish I could just pack up our family and move to Africa!

This to me is the greatest ministry possible. Serving some of the poorest people on earth and sharing God’s love with them.

Processed with VSCO with b1 presetAs I ponder on these thoughts God quickly spoke to my heart, “I care for the students in Fusion (a middle school ministry at our church) as much as I care for those kids in Africa.”  Wow! You’re right God (of course he’s right…lol). My mind has always glorified missionaries that make the track overseas. When to God a life is a life. He doesn’t place a higher value on the person that lives in Zimbabwe or Liberia. Each life is equally as important.  Our kids in America may have food and clothes, but they are mentally and emotionally hurting more than ever. If everyone felt called to be missionaries to third world countries, who would be left to help the next generation from turning away from God?

Let me encourage you today. To the ones who rather be working in Peru, China, or even South Africa as a missionary, your mission field is right where you are. God has placed people all around you that you have the power to influence, the words to encourage, and the abilities to show God’s love. Pray and seek his guidance, but in the end, he may just say, stay put, your boss, your classmate, your client, needs ME and they will only see ME through you.

Family Play Date…ASAP

We (Mamas) are our family’s thermostat. We can sense when our family is growing cold (each family member doing their own thing, all the time) or hot (short tempers and short remarks). 

When either happens, you have the power to regulate the environment! 

A couple days a go I planned a beach day for the family, for Labor Day. We needed some play time, without the tv and without chores! I woke up this morning and there was a 100% chance of rain, but we headed that way anyways and I’m so glad we did! 

What’s the temperature of your family’s heart? Maybe you need a family play date…..

JJ’s 3rd Birthday


Today you turn three! And I’m still amazed I have a little boy. My prayer was to be a mama…Boy or Girl, was never of importance to me, until I had you! You’re a rough, tough, fighting machine, that doesn’t like to share (we’re working on that), but my heart melts every time I look into your big brown eyes.

Thank you God for giving me my own little boy, I pray now that you will give me wisdom in discipling him without crushing him and encouraging him in the gifts you have blessed him with. I also pray your protection over his life, with every step he takes. Guide his decisions and may he grow to be a man after your heart. ~Amen


Turtle Power in a Half-Shell!

Publix Cake


*FYI: Walmart has almost everything Party City has for a TMNT party and it’s 25% to 30% cheaper!

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*Eight of the ten boys were sick the day of the party so, he just rocked out with the girls!DSC_2227