JJ’s 3rd Birthday


Today you turn three! And I’m still amazed I have a little boy. My prayer was to be a mama…Boy or Girl, was never of importance to me, until I had you! You’re a rough, tough, fighting machine, that doesn’t like to share (we’re working on that), but my heart melts every time I look into your big brown eyes.

Thank you God for giving me my own little boy, I pray now that you will give me wisdom in discipling him without crushing him and encouraging him in the gifts you have blessed him with. I also pray your protection over his life, with every step he takes. Guide his decisions and may he grow to be a man after your heart. ~Amen


Turtle Power in a Half-Shell!

Publix Cake


*FYI: Walmart has almost everything Party City has for a TMNT party and it’s 25% to 30% cheaper!

Live in the Central Florida area and are in need of a BOUNCE HOUSE, check out Leaping to Fun. I’ve used this company for seven or eight years now. They have great prices and great customer service! Schedule one today and don’t forget to mention Bethany 🙂 Bounce House

*Eight of the ten boys were sick the day of the party so, he just rocked out with the girls!DSC_2227



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