Corn Maze FUN!

20140910-143515.jpgLast year we conquered our first corn maze and right NOW is having a GREAT DEAL. If you live in Central Florida, I recommend Scott’s Maze Adventure. Click HERE, to take advantage of’s offer.

*To see our first corn maze adventure, click here.

Adventure is Out There

After two weeks of packing, moving, unpacking and building things, we decided to take a break. We planned a Boy Family Adventure through Split Oak Forest Mitigation Park.


Alayna and Kayla brought their notepads to document all the interesting things they found along the trail.

photo (26)

We found this little guy hanging out on one of the info signs. photo (25)

Josiah had a blast running free and playing in the dirt!IMG_4327

photo (27)

IMG_4325IMG_4333photoOur adventure took us 3.1 miles through one of Florida’s deep wooded forest. Thankfully it was cloudy, low humidity and a gentle wind kept blowing through the trees. We took many water breaks and were all able to complete the North Loop trail! I’m so proud of all our adventurers for not giving up!