Corn Maze Fun

S.MazeLast weekend we took a trip to Mount Dora, to participate in our first ever corn maze! I started planning the trip about a month a go, when I received a email advertising a Long and Scott Farms special admission to their corn maze. Normally, they charge between $11 and $9 dollars for an adult and youth but had them for $5…I jumped on it and I’m so glad I did!


Worried about getting lost…have no fear, as you enter the course you are handed a flag to hold up when you have had enough and can’t find your way out. Thankfully we didn’t give in and I’m proud to say we found our way out!


There’s always time to stop and explore along the path.


Felling a little hot…take a run through the “Misting Maze”!
They have a 60 foot long Super Slide for all ages! Guests tall enough to slide by themselves are able to enjoy this thrilling sensation!
The girls’ favorite had to be the Zip Line!
My favorite was the food! It didn’t sound good at first but I gave it a try…fresh cut fried pickles…Yummy!
My number one recommendation is to bring lots of water or have the cash to buy some!
For more information you can go to Scott’s Maze Adventure.

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