Get Paid to Shop ONLINE!

ShoppingBeing a mom to four young kids, can have its challenges when shopping… until I found Ebates. For the past three years now, I log onto Ebates, if I already know what I want to purchase, select the store of choice, then shop away ONLINE.

This site is extremely helpful around the holidays (cyber Monday) and birthdays! Ebates won’t only give you cash back for buying items you were already going to purchase, they provide discount codes and free shipping promos.

I have collected over $500 dollars back from Ebates!!! This is not a scam, it really does work! If you haven’t tried it yet, click here to start getting paid to shop ONLINE!

Just a Peek…

IMG_4824One of the reasons I started this blog last year was because people kept asking me, “how do you do it?” “How do you homeschool three kids with a newborn?” Well, here’s a little peek into one of our mornings at the Boy’s Home. Alayna is taking a math test (multiplication and division), Victoria is working on special sounds “sw” and “str”, Kayla is at her VPK class, Josiah is taking a nap, and I’m couponing!

I am big on multitasking! There’s just not enough time in the day to do one thing at a time! So, here I am able to sit by Alayna and clip coupons for our grocery visit today (by which I saved over $70), while she works on her test. Our homeschool table/desk is nice because it provides enough space for independent study, but also encourages group work.

Disclaimer: Though the picture above portrays a calm setting, this is not always the case!