Just a Peek…

IMG_4824One of the reasons I started this blog last year was because people kept asking me, “how do you do it?” “How do you homeschool three kids with a newborn?” Well, here’s a little peek into one of our mornings at the Boy’s Home. Alayna is taking a math test (multiplication and division), Victoria is working on special sounds “sw” and “str”, Kayla is at her VPK class, Josiah is taking a nap, and I’m couponing!

I am big on multitasking! There’s just not enough time in the day to do one thing at a time! So, here I am able to sit by Alayna and clip coupons for our grocery visit today (by which I saved over $70), while she works on her test. Our homeschool table/desk is nice because it provides enough space for independent study, but also encourages group work.

Disclaimer: Though the picture above portrays a calm setting, this is not always the case!

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