Summertime = Project Time

Summertime means checking off the project list! Our homeschool closet has been screaming for help for a while now. I installed a second shelf and now boxes are no longer falling out every time we open the doors!

There are many benefits to organizing…you are able to find things quicker which in turns helps with time management. When we are able to grab what we need within seconds it reduces our stress because we no longer need to turn the house upside down to find a stick of glue, and one of my favorites is the eye appeal. I love the look of a clean and organized house!

What are you waiting for? Pick a project a day or one a week and feel the positive effects when completed!


Let’s get organized…

hr8 hr7

(1) Expedit Wall Shelf
(4) Alex Drawer Units
(2) Linnmon Table Top
(4) Jules Jr. Chairs
(1) Document Magazine File, Set of 2, pink (on SALE)

(8) Storage Cubes (bought these when they were on SALE)
(1) White Board
(3) Wall Posters (Trend Enterprises, Inc.)

hr2 hr4“Mom’s Hub” (still working on this)
(1) Malm Dressing table
(1) Teal Trash Can (Bed, Bath & Beyond on SALE)

Joss & Main Wall Art

hr3We are very thankful for our school room. Some home-schoolers laugh at the idea of having desks and rooms set up like a class! But you have to do what works for YOU….and for me, I like to be organized! I’m still working on the details of the room but at least it’s functional!
hr6Thanks for stopping by today and checking out our class room hub!