Thanksgiving Crafts (Finally)

We have dedicated this week to crafts, food, family and fun. Here are few things we did today.

Indian Headdress Our inspiration came from Ankle Biter Art

Lego Stamp This fun activity I came from Crafty Morning

bingo Click here to get your Free Printable Thanksgiving Bingo Boards from Crazy Little Projects

1 Thessalonians 5:18 Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

Pumpkin Carving (Mickey Mouse)

Last year was our first time carving a pumpkin as a family…to be exact, it was each of our first time carving a pumpkin ever! We had so much fun we decided to make it a fall family tradition.

Last year we went simple with a Christian cross and fish. There wasn’t much detail to the picture, which made it easy to carve. This year we took it up a notch with Mickey Mouse! The ears were quick, but the eyes took a little bit of time and precision. 



My job is to outline the picture with tiny holes from a push pin…I’m in deep concentration if you can’t tell 🙂dsc_1059p

This has to be my favorite pic…Javi had just finished carving a part of the pumpkin when they all just sat back and looked…hmmmm….dsc_1065p

Wasn’t too sure about the slime…dsc_1045p

Finish Product dsc_1101pWhat’s your family’s fall tradition?