Parenting Truth…

20141021-065005.jpg“No matter how good a parent you are, your child is still capable on any given day of doing something despicable, disgusting, or depraved.” -John Rosemond

Be strong, consistent, and loving…don’t grow weary in disciplining, praying, and encouraging. May God give you wisdom today and everyday as you guide your kids in truth.

Mistakes in Parenting

20140925-072801.jpgMistakes are inevitable in parenting and those mistakes do not categorize you as a bad parent. The representation of bad parenting is not asking your children’s forgiveness when you mess up.

Early this week, Victoria was explaining to Kayla what letters were vowels on her worksheet. Kayla began to disagree and raise her voice, which only fueled Victoria to raise her voice even louder than Kayla’s. Quickly, the loud speaking became screaming. At this point I turned around and blurted out the words, “that’s enough, shut up!” (Sigh) Yes, shut up, the two words that I don’t use in my vocabulary, somehow popped out. Victoria immediately started crying. I was in shock, I couldn’t believe I allowed such harsh words to come out of my mouth. I calmly walked over to Victoria and apologized. I told her I was very sorry and I should have not used those words. Victoria graciously accepted and her tears stopped.

Contrary to what many parents think, apologizing to your child won’t cause the them to disrespect you; it actually will bring you closer in the long run. I am not perfect and neither are you, so when we blow it, we must be quick to admit it. That’s the kind of role model our kids need.



Are you killing your family’s soul?

20140907-072924.jpg“See Daddy,” Josiah said excitedly. He was so proud of his drawing and wanted to make sure his daddy saw his masterpiece.

More than half our day, yesterday, consisted of us lying around in our pj’s! At first I felt guilty for it, shouldn’t we be doing something. I mean is this good for my kids to just sit around on Saturday morning? The answer is, YES!

Our kids aren’t ADD our world is! Jim Burns calls it the ‘attention deficit world.’ You are so busy doing good things that you are missing the best things in life. The pace of life is killing the soul of families. It makes good people act crazy and makes otherwise healthy individuals become vulnerable-vulnerable to sickness, vulnerable to broken relationships, and vulnerable to sin.

Too often families are poisoned by a hypnotic belief-that good things come only through unceasing activities and are heightened by the pace of life. I encourage you today to go against the grain of the culture and find time for replenishment. Someone in the family has to have the courage to change the pace of life and your kids are’t going to do it. 

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