Heart Pancakes

Love Day isn’t just for one day out of the year, but everyday! This morning I made “Love Day” pancakes for my crew. They weren’t just yummy, but cute too!

Heart Pancakes

Tip: Make sure to spray your cookie cutter with Pam before filling it with the pancake batter. Also, three or four table spoons of batter, should be enough to fill the cookie cutter (it just depends on the size). 

Nate’s Pancakes


Nate the Great

Reading has been a little bit of a struggle for my oldest daughter. The struggle was not her, but the books we were picking. After searching and searching, I found a detective book, Nate The Great by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat. She’s a little detective herself, so she could relate to Nate. After finishing the book we noticed Nate’s Pancake Recipe in the back…it’s perfect for a hungry detective and there’s also leftovers for her sisters 🙂

A good book with a hands on activity equals the love of learning and a yummy breakfast!


Now eat and think deep thoughts 😉