Curriculum vs Relationship

It was another day of begging, pleading, crying, and blood boiling. ENOUGH!

It had been six months, my daughter and I were getting no where and our relationship was growing apart. Hello, I’m the teacher, I can change the curriculum at any time. What was I waiting for. Well, today was the last straw. With tears rolling down her sweet face, I told her to grab the book. I pulled up the school blinds, unlocked the window and unsnapped the screen…I then said, “throw it!” She hesitated, “what?”
“Throw the book out the window. I’ve had enough of this curriculum.” Her demeanor instantly changed. Smiles and laughter filled our class room again!

My best advice I could ever give you for homeschooling would be this, no curriculum is worth your relationship between you and your child.

If you were wondering, she threw the book and we are all happier because of it!


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