Kill or Build…it’s your choice

#215 Marriage Builders
(from Pastor Chris Hodges)
-love yourself first
-start each day with a hug
-say “I love you” before you part ways
-compliment freely and often
-slow down
-go on a date once every week
-kiss unexpectedly
-apologize sincerely
-be forgiving
-let her give you directions when your’re lost
-laugh at his jokes
-Men- ask her to marry you again
-Women- say yes
-never go to bed mad
-always work it out

10 Marriage Killers
(from Pastor Chris Hodges)
-over commitment and physical exhaustion
-debt and conflict over how money will be spent
-interference from in-laws
-unrealistic expectations
-alcohol or substance abuse
-pornography, gambling, and other addictive habits
-“grass is greener” syndrome
-business success

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