The Baby Left Behind Part 4

3 Wisemen

Day 4: Wise Men from the East

*Read Matthew 2:1-12

*Wise Men Craft: Giggles and more giggles were heard throughout the house today with our painted camel craft. First I painted their hand, then they placed it on the paper one at time. Again, we choose to do the craft together, which I like better. It’s cute to see the different sizes of hands. Next I painted their pointer finger, they choose the color, this represented the wise men. Super simple cute craft for all ages!

*Short story: The wise men came from the East. No one is sure where they lived. When they saw a bright new star, they believed it told of the birth of a special child. These men were probably rich and journeyed on camels with servants to care for them. They reached Jerusalem some time after Jesus was born. First they visited King Herod, then the star led them to Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. There, they worshipped Jesus and gave him gifts. (From: The First Christmas)

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