The Baby Left Behind Part 3

Nativity Craft

Day 3: In Bethlehem

*Read Luke 2:1-20

*Stable: was a place where animals were kept and fed. The stable in Bethlehem were usually caves instead of buildings. The stable where Jesus was born was probably one of these caves.

*Manger: was something like a box that the animals ate from.

*To Moms: “But Mary kept all these things like a secret treasure in her heart. She thought about them over and over.” I could write a book on this verse! I think it’s important to treasure up the good times we have with our children, the memories of holding them right when they were born, their first smile, their first step, etc…! I think it is also important to treasure up the beautiful moments in our everyday life, like a sunny day at the park, the sound of the waves crashing on a white sandy beach, the breeze blowing through our hair as we swing on a front porch with our best friend (hubby). These memories or treasures will and can sustain us in times when things aren’t going so well.

*Activity: Today both of the girls decided to draw a stable with everyone in it and around it. Then we made a very simple Nativity set 🙂

Nativity Set Craft/Ornament Directions:

*5 to 6 Popsicle Sticks (we used craft sticks…I didn’t have Popsicle sticks)

*Crayons, Markers, or Paint (your call)

*A Pipe Cleaner (optional)

*Glue (a hot glue gun works best)

Each child can make their own but we decided to break up the craft and just make one together. Each child picked who they wanted to color, then we glued it all together. You can also add a ribbon to the top of it, to make a cute ornament!

1 thought on “The Baby Left Behind Part 3

  1. I like the idea of having each child work on a little part of it so that it can be done together. I pinned this to hopefully do with my kids today. Thanks for the great idea!

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