The Baby Left Behind Part 5

Jesus' Baby Book Jesus' Baby Book Jesus' Baby Book Jesus' Baby Book Jesus' Baby Book*Matthew 1:18-25 The Birth of Jesus

*A Jesus Baby Book: Did your mom or dad keep a baby book for you? Ask if you can look at it. It will have pictures of you as a baby. It will tell interesting things about when you were young and how you grew.  You can make a baby book for Jesus. Think about the chapters you read in Matthew and  Luke. There are many things you learned about Jesus’ birth. Draw pictures of these things on some pieces of paper. Write Bible  verses that tell about each picture. Now stack the papers and punch two holes on one end. Thread a long piece of yarn through the holes. Tie the yarn to hold the papers together.

*My oldest took the challenge and drew each picture of her baby book about Jesus. For my other two we printed pages from the website below. 

As a mother of three precious girls and one precious boy, I could not imagine having my own agenda on their birthday. Just think if I were to say I don’t have time for cake and presents, we’re too busy shopping for other people, we have to decorate the house for someone else! Their poor little heart would be broken. No, our world stops for our children’s birthdays. We plan parties, yes plural. We usually have a small one on their birthday and then another one on the following Saturday for all their friends to come to. We want to show them how much we love them and how special they are to us, so even more should we stop and celebrate the baby boy who came to save the world.

Thank you heavenly father for giving your only baby boy to die, so that we may live. Thank you Mary for obeying and trusting in the Lord. Thank you Joseph for not caring what the world thinks but holding true to what our heavenly father says. There are many lessons in this story to be learned, great character traits to follow after and verses to hold close to our heart. May we never forget the baby boy who came to give us this beautiful life we love and enjoy.

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