Go Ahead and Kiss!

PDALast night, I was laying on the floor, scrolling through some social media, while the family was watching a movie. Josiah, my two-year-old, walked over to where I was, grabbed my hand and pulled me over to the couch, to where my husband, Javier, was sitting and wanted me to sit down beside Javier. He then crawled up on his dad’s legs and once he was situated, he looked right at his dad and said, “Mama” in a sweet voice, while pointing at me. Javier gently leaned over and gave me a couple of kisses on my cheek. Josiah’s face lit up, smiling from ear to ear…then he leaned over and kissed me.

What can PDA (Public Display of Affection) between dad and mom, provide for their children?

1. PDA provides security. Children need to feel safe. When they see Dad and Mom arguing and fighting, stress and even rebellion can take place. Children can feel the tension that comes between their parents, which makes them also tense. “Think of your marriage as the foundation of your home and family,” says Jean Odwazny, licensed clinical social worker with the Child, Adolescent and Family Development Center in Lake Bluff. “If that foundation crumbles, so can the family.”

2. By showing a little PDA in front of your children, you are demonstrating what a healthy marriage should look like. You are their example and model to their future relationship one day.

3. The last benefit I want to mention about a little PDA, is happiness. When dad and mom are hugging, they are more than likely sharing those hugs and kisses with their children. This environment of love creates a happy marriage therefore a happy family.

I say keep the “strong discussions” behind doors. Then go ahead and flirt a little, cuddle up close, show the kids how much daddy and mommy love each other. They might shriek with disgust, but down deep they sigh a breath of relief, knowing their parents love each other and teaches them about the sacredness of the covenant of marriage.

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