Silent Expectations

ExpectationsWhen I worked at Disney on Saturdays, during the summer as a photographer, my days were long and exhausting. Standing outside in 99 degree weather for 8 to 10 hours, smiling and talking to guest, one after another, would drain the energy out of me. The last thing I wanted, was to come home to a messy house with no food. My expectations could be for my husband to have dinner ready and the house cleaned, but if I walked in the door and this wasn’t the case, I would be disappointed and even frustrated. However, if I expected nothing and came home to a cooked meal, I would be surprised and grateful. Expectations can lead to disappointment. When we expect nothing, everything becomes a surprise. You are also more grateful in the situations that you expect less.

Take the expectations and pressure off your spouse. If something means that much to you, tell them, but don’t hold silent expectations, that can cause resentment and bitterness.


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