KISSOne kiss, two kisses, three…Every morning the kids and I walk Daddy to his car. We each take our turn giving him hugs and kisses, but mine are extra special. When he’s in a hurry or has a lot on his mind he may only kiss me once, but most of the times I get at least two. The first one is always routine, but the second and third are electrifying. They say, I don’t only like you, but I still love you with all my heart and being, I care about you, and you are the one and only!

Kissing may indeed help maintain that bond; the researchers found that more frequent kissing in a relationship was linked to the quality of the relationship (, so kiss away my married couples. Don’t let the most simple of act die away from your marriage. This little gesture is the rainbow sprinkles in your marriage and can be just the thing that keeps it flavorful!

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