Show Him He’s a Priority

Priority One night my husband was speaking at a cell group of high school students. After twenty minutes or so he started coughing…I got up immediately and brought him some cold water. I remember him pausing and telling the kids, “see, she knows what I need before I even know.” This happened when we were dating, before kids, bills, and daily stresses. I was very attentive to his every need and desire, at that time. Three houses and four kids later, his needs become a little foggy at times.

In Genesis 2:18, The Lord God says, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” Though this is a hard thing to swallow for our culture including our church culture, being a helper for our husband is a principle that comes from our Heavenly Father. The Bible however does not say, when you have kids it’s okay to lack in this area or to put your husband’s concerns aside until your children grow up and move out.

Below are a list of ideas to show your husband his needs come first.
1. Have his clothing clean for the work week.
2. Prepare his favorite meals at dinner and not just what the kids will eat.
3. Ask him if there is anything he needs before you go on a grocery run.
4. Know your husband’s likes and dislikes so you can pick up things to surprise him.
5. Get the kids to bed early so your husband can have some quite time.
6. Serve his plate first at dinner.
7. Ask him before bed if there’s any errands or things that you can take care of the following day.
8. When attending a party, make him a drink, or as he rests, on the couch, serve him a cold beverage.
9. When your husband asks for something, be quick to get it, rather than telling him to wait until you are done with x, y, z.
10. Most importantly, be aware of his emotions, feelings, and attitude…these things will guide you on what your husband is lacking and where you need to step up.

Dear God, thank you for creating us to be helpers to the leader of our home. May each woman see this position as an honor and take joy, for as we serve our husband we are serving You and as we help our husband we are helping You. Clear our vision today to see our husband’s needs and help us to put them first. In Jesus Name, Amen

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