5 Reasons to Get Dressed

Get Dressed
Stay at home moms can fall into a rut of not getting dressed. They wake up early, and they might even go workout, but for some reason they just stay in stretch pants or sweats all day. Why? Well, because it’s comfy, easy, and most will say, “I’m just at home anyways, why should I get dressed?” I will tell you!

1. By getting up first thing and taking a shower you are waking your self up. Just to make sure we are on the same page, not a bath or a hot steamy shower, like the ones that put you to sleep! Just a hello its morning shower. By doing this, you are not only waking yourself up, but there is a freshness that comes with it. Nothing can freshen you up like a shower.

2. Another reason to get dressed first thing in the morning, is for the simple fact you don’t exactly know what that day holds. You might not have any other time to get dressed. I know I personally I have had days that I’m running 90 mph and before I know it my husband is walking through the door. If I hadn’t taken the time to get dressed first thing, he might be walking into a home with a stinky slob and sad to say, years ago, there were days this happened.

3. When you take time to get dressed in the morning, you are taking time to invest in yourself, and that is very important. Stay at home moms are consistently serving and giving to others all day. By pampering yourself for 20 or 30 minutes in the morning, it will give you just that little bit of edge to keep going when you look in the mirror at 3pm. Just imagine what you would look like at 3pm if you didn’t get dressed! Yikes!

4. There is a confidence that comes by getting dressed. How do you feel on Sunday morning at church or on a date with your husband? You mostly likely walk taller and your self imagine is mostly likely higher on those days, because you took time to get dressed. Now, how do you feel when your hair hasn’t been washed, it’s in a mess bun from last night, you have on stretch pants with bleach stains or baggy pajamas that smell like syrup. I guarantee you, on those days, you don’t walk as confident.

5. My last reason to get dressed in the morning, is for your mindset. When getting dressed first thing, you are switching your mind from sleep, comfort, relax and lazy mode, to focused, determined, and ready to conquer whatever challenges come at you that day!

Start tomorrow, throw your jammies in the dirty clothes, lay out a pair of pants or skirt, wash the sleep off your face, put on some powder and lotion, and fix your hair. Then tell me if you feel a difference in your day!

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