Just Don’t Do It….

Our Tree '13Galatians 6:4 “…Then they can take pride in themselves alone, without comparing themselves to someone else,”

For eight years, we have put up our Christmas tree with old miscellaneous ornaments. We loved our tree, it told the story of our life. This year I decided to do a themed tree in our living-room, in front of the window, therefore moving most of the other ornaments to our 2nd tree, in the family room. After browsing online pictures, I had a vision of what I wanted our tree to look like. I then went out and bought ornaments for 70% off at Michael’s, Joann, Hobby Lobby, and even some from T.J. Maxx. I was so proud of our tree, but when my husband got home, I found myself saying, “I know it’s not like such and such’s tree, but don’t you like it?” Of course he loved it, why wouldn’t he? Five minutes before he walked through the door I was so proud of my work, but as soon as I showed him, doubt and comparison came into my mind.

blog5Comparing is one of the deadliest things to do. There is nothing good that comes out of comparing yourself with someone else. Most people compare themselves and will end up feeling inadequate, other times people compare themselves with friends and family and end up feeling greater than they should. Either way, wrongful thoughts come out of comparing.

Ornament-Hobby LobbyThis time of year, you will see lots of Christmas decorations on trees, houses, yards, mailboxes, etc. Let me encourage you to not compare. God has given each of us a beautiful creative spirit. Be proud of your designs and art pieces you come with it. Stop all thoughts of comparison, which can lead to jealous and low self-esteem. You are unique, handcrafted by our Heavenly Father. Put your heart into your work and do your best, then take pride and let no one take that from you, including yourself!


1 thought on “Just Don’t Do It….

  1. So well said Bethany !! I do this all the time and never really realized how it could be effecting me and my self esteem. 🙂 thanks

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