Don’t Take It Personal

“My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires.” James 1:19-20

Please don’t sit on the pumpkins, please tell the young lady not to push the pumpkin into the inflatable cat, please do not…, please do not… I felt like everything we did was wrong. The girls were so excited to finally be at the pumpkin patch and they had to walk around on pins and needles. We have gone to pumpkin patches every year for the past five years with the kids and this was the first one with so many “don’ts”.

I felt myself taking it personal, I felt like saying forget it let’s just go, but my heart said, “relax”, so I took a deep breath to help my insides calm down. As I went to pay the man who had been on the microphone the whole time telling us ALL the “don’ts”, I found out a little about him…he has been running this pumpkin patch for nine years. When it’s time to open shop every year, he sits in a chair for 30 days straight, all day, running this patch. After hearing this, I could understand his lack of patience and all his rules…he has probably seen people sit on pumpkins and crack them and he’s probably seen a lot of things sitting in that chair for 30 days straight, every year, for the past nine years! I’ll tell you one thing, that’s for sure, there is NO WAY I could sit in a chair for 30 days straight, I would lose my mind.  The best part is, he does it all for the Osceola domestic violence shelter for women and children. Thank you man behind the microphone for your act of selflessness so the women and children’s organization can have money to help families in need.

Our human flesh is always ready to rise up but it takes effort to listen to the small voice to control our inner selfishness. Instead of judging the man and leaving mad, I’m thankful I listened to the whisper in my heart that said to relax. We can now say, we supported the women and children’s shelter of Osceola county.

Below are some good steps to avoid hurt feelings or taking things personally, that I found, written by Doug Britton.

*Realize the other person’s reaction may reflect time pressure in his or
her life.

*Realize the other person’s reaction may reflect tiredness or

*Realize that you may not see things clearly or may misinterpret

*Realize that everybody is imperfect. If someone is inconsiderate,
rude, or insensitive, you can lovingly say to yourself, “That’s his (or her)
problem.” There is no need to take it personally, even if it is meant to be
taken personally.

Turn to God for affirmation. This experience can
help you grow in his Spirit and become more dependent on his love and approval.

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