Thinking Outside the Box

What kid doesn’t love playing in the bath tub? Tonight I took turns with each of my daughters, one at a time, having fun with shaving cream in the tub, while learning.

For my second grader, I wrote out multiplication facts and she wrote the answers. My kindergartener has been having a tough time writing certain letters and numbers and has been getting very frustrated because she could not write them exactly like she wanted. With the shaving cream it was a different story, no tears or grumpy attitudes. She could erase and try again over and over, while feeling the soft foam squishing through her fingers. For my tiny tot, she traced shapes in the white fluff. They all had fun and didn’t even realize they were learning, but just enjoyed playing with shaving cream. At the end it was free play, to make whatever art piece they wanted.

Thinking outside the box will enhance your children’s hunger for learning, so don’t worry about pencils and paper, bring out the SHAVING CREAM!

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