Drifting Slowly

It’s almost Summer and that means a slower pace of life, relaxing days by the pool or at the beach. When our family travels to the beach it can be a real chore.  We usually have a wagon full of goodies, plus a large tent to lug through the sand, so I don’t always feel like jumping in the ocean right right away. Our kids, on the other hand, are the opposite. They’re older, so I don’t mind them going in the water alone, however I remind them to look up every now and then to make sure they haven’t drifted. Our family tent provides that gauge/landmark for them.  In theory, this should work, but there are times when they are talking with friends and forget and drift. The good news is, my eyes are always watching them. When I see that they have become absent minded about their surroundings, I calmly walk down to the edge, where the water meets the beach, and call out to them. This can sometimes take a few minutes because they have drifted too far to hear my voice. Thankfully, after numerous yells and crazy looks from spectators, our kids look up in shock and are amazed how far they have drifted. 

2020 was like no other year for everyone! We were separated and asked to refrain from meeting with one another. Our churches were closed and people lost their gauges. You see, the church is like our family’s tent, it provides a covering from the harsh elements, giving us time to rest. The church provides food for the body and the soul. These structures provide encouragement and accountability from people who love and care about you. 

My question is have you looked up recently? Are you even aware you have drifted? 

There’s good news, Jesus has been watching, He hasn’t lost sight of you, He is calling even now…“Come home!”

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