Eczema Relief


Our little Hummingbird has suffered from Eczema for over five years. The doctors encouraged us saying, most kids grow out of it.

In July, we went on a family vacation, Siesta Key, plenty of sunshine, and warm salty water…Kayla’s eczema went from manageable to out of control, with so much scratching and even bleeding. Again, the doctor explained that applying Cetaphil or Sarna was the best thing that we could do for the eczema. This Mama wasn’t satisfied with that answer, so I requested an allergy test. The results came back and showed that Kayla is allergic to dust and dust mites. Ha! Dust…are you kidding me? Dust is everywhere! I started researching and found some simple things to help decrease the exposure of dust mites. For one, getting a anti-dust mite cover for her bed and pillow. Kayla’s grandmother was able to pick up both at Bed, Bath and Beyond. Next, make sure all blankets are washed once a week and the house is vacuumed twice a week. All of these suggestions were great, but the damage had already been done! Kayla’s skin was bleeding and needed to be repaired. It was time to try something new. Kayla’s other grandmother came across Puremedy at our local Whole Foods Store. The sale associate went on and on about how incredible this product is, so we gave it a try. After four days of applying it morning and night, the results were unbelievable! Kayla stopped scratching, therefore stopped bleeding, and her skin was able to heal! Puremedy Intensive Skin Repair, is made of Echinacea Angustifolia, Wild Harvested Elderberry Bark, Organic Elder Flower, and Organic Calendula Flower.

Puremedy is:
• Anti-inflammatory
• Increases blood circulation – imperative for skin health and wound healing
• Regenerates and rebuilds skin tissue
• Aids in the growth of new skin
• Rebuilds tissue “from the bottom up” (like a natural collagen booster, but real)
• Makes skin soft and supple, rebuilds sub-dermal facial tissue
• Rich in Vitamin C, E, antioxidants and fatty acids

To read more about his product click here. If you or someone you know suffer from Atopic dermatitis, also known as atopic eczema, I would give Puremedy a try!


1 thought on “Eczema Relief

  1. So glad to have found this post. My daughter, Madison, is 2.5 years old and has been suffering from eczema since she was a baby. We’ve been told the same thing, that she’ll likely grow out of it but she often scratches to the point of bleeding as well. We’ve been able to somewhat control it; however, I’m glad you’ve mentioned an allergy test as that hasn’t been suggested yet so I haven’t given it much thought.

    This Puremedy product sounds promising as well and I look forward to giving it a try. Thanks SO much for sharing, Good to hear that your daughter, Kayla, is finally getting some relief!

    Take care,
    -Nicole P.

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