20140908-200745.jpgWhat does it mean to give your life away? For me, it’s denying yourself, denying your insecurities, denying your flaws, because in all reality, it’s all about Him!

Yesterday, was a true test of just that…”From the Committed Heart” had their first meeting and if I told you doubt and fear didn’t creep in, I would be lying.

See I’m not a speaker, I’m not articulate, and I’m not a front stage person. These same words I spoke to God in my prayer time and he replied, “Don’t tell me what you aren’t, I have called you and equipped you!”

There’s nothing like Father God putting us in our place.

I stood in front of a beautiful group of women, I went out of my comfort zone, and poured my heart out to these hungry souls, denying myself of “me”…because it’s not about me! We are to give our life away, so we can gain life in Him.

What does Matthew 16:25, “For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it”, look like for you personally?

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