Our First Day of School ’14-’15

1st Day of school Four weeks off and we our back at it. Yesterday was our first day of school and it went great! I had individual schedules laid out for each of the girls which helped the day run smoothly. I’m very optimistic about this school year and I am very excited about having all three girls together for the first year.

DSC_1372DSC_1368 I had special goodies on their desk when they entered the school room this morning! Just a few simple things, but stuff that brings huge smiles to their faces.


A big THANK YOU to The Johnson Family…we ALWAYS need pencils. I can’t remember how many times I heard last year, “I can’t find a pencil!”


I often get asked, what does your toddler do when you are teaching the girls? Well, he’s all over the place, but one of his learning activities consist of the Preschool Prep Company Presents “Meet the Colors”, “Meet the Shapes”, “Meet the Numbers” and “Meet the Letters” DVDs.


I pray everyone enjoys their school year and don’t forget to HAVE FUN!!!

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