Changing It Up (Homeschool)

We are halfway through our school year and things are getting a little redundant, so last night I planned two fun surprises!

First, the girls went shopping at BB’s Boutique, where coupons aren’t allowed, but returns are accepted. They took turns purchasing merchandise in the store and paying with quarters, nickles, dimes, and pennies. They were able to work on addition, subtraction, counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s. Each shopper received a lovely gift bag to put their merchandise in when they checked out. Needless to say, they enjoy their morning at the BB’s Boutique.
After cleaning up the shop, I took out dry erase boards and shaving cream. The girls spelled out each of their words, by writing with their fingers and paint brushes in the shaving cream.
I’m a worksheet kind of teacher (I use A Beka and BJB), but kids need change and so do moms (teacher).

Happy Monday everyone, make your school week a great one!

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