Tuesdays Tip

ToolsTuesdays Tip: Bring the Right Tools

Today I’m going to build a bird feeder. We could hang it outside in our backyard. I know the kids will enjoy watching the birds go inside the little house eating until their hearts are content. So, right away I gather the things I will need. I have a couple pieces of wood, some screws, and a Philips screw driver. I start measuring and placing the boards together. I take my first screw and try to screw it in…it’s taking forever. I try pushing the screw down as I turn the screw driver, but it’s barely moving. As I evaluate the situation, I realize I have the wrong tool for the job…I need a flat head screwdriver.

The same thing can happen when we are teaching our children. We buy the curriculum, we read how to use it and then we began pushing our lesson plan on them. We can teach until we are blue in the face without much progress. Why is this? Is our child dumb? Are we bad teachers? No, our child is not dumb and we aren’t bad teachers! The problem is  the tools we put on the table are the wrong ones. If your child is struggling with reading make sure you have given them the right tools to accomplish the job. It might mean going to the hardware store and buying a different tool  or just taking a different approach to the way you are delivering your material. Be aware of how your children are acting. If they are continually getting frustrated, emotional or disinterested, go back to the drawing board…try some other tools you have in your box. Could I have made my bird feeder with the Philips head screwdriver, yes, but it would have taken a lot longer and it wouldn’t have been as fun to make it.

Make learning enjoyable and bring the right tools!

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