Tuesday’s Homeschooling Tip

UsTuesday’s Homeschooling Tip: Find what works for you and your family!

Mary might tell you Math U See is the best math curriculum and it worked for her Tommy. Then Jessica tells you Horizon is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Now what do you do? You research it and maybe try to get your hands on some of the books, but don’t think because Mary or Jessica told you it’s the best, that it will be the best for your kids. Every child and every family is unique.

Some families have school rooms some don’t. Some families start their new school year in September while others go all year round. Some homeschoolers have four days of school while others might only have three.
If I can again, let me state my point…find what works for YOU, YOUR kids and YOUR family as a whole. If you get stressed or something is just not working, switch it up! That’s one of the reasons we homeschool, flexibility.

Lord as this new school year approaches, help us to see the big picture, help us to see the real value in homeschooling. Let us not dwell on the perfect curriculum or if our children should wear their pjs all day, but let our focus return to You and help us to point our children’s focus back to you because at the end of the day, You are the only thing that truly matters.  In Jesus Name Amen

1 thought on “Tuesday’s Homeschooling Tip

  1. Well said and just what I needed to read as I start this exciting adventure very soon! Thank you for the reminder!!! 🙂

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