Take it Up a Notch

Step it upIt’s been over six weeks since our workout challenge started. If you have been working out consistently since then, it’s time to take it up a notch.

This week let’s change it up a little…Instead of dividing the body between upper and lower, let’s combine exercises to workout the full body. There are many benefits to working out the total body…I listed a few below:
-Better Core Development
-Lower Time Commitment
-Reduced Risk of Overtraining
-Ideal for Home Workouts
-Ideal for Fat Loss
-Lower Levels of Boredom (my favorite)

Full Body Routine
3x’s this week with at least a day break in between:

3 to 4 sets 10 to 12 reps, 5 to 10 lbs
-Squat with a overhead press (at the top)
-Stationary Lunge with bicep curls
-Alternate between Tricep Kickbacks and Bent over Flys
-20 to 30 second Plank
-25 Crunches
-15 Supermans
-10 Jumping Jacks

Again, I set up my workout area like a circuit and go from one exercise to the next. At the end of each circuit I perform one set of 10 jumping jacks. I enjoy working out more when it’s exciting.  Remember to BREATH, STRETCH, DRINK WATER, and always perform the exercises SLOW and CONTROLLED! If something hurts you, it may be that you are not performing the exercise properly, listening to your body is key. So have fun, but be safe.

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