The Baby Left Behind


Shopping, baking, wrapping, singing, decorating, more shopping, and more wrapping, Christmas is here! But what is Christmas? Yes, if someone asks us we might say it’s about Jesus’ birth and about spending time with family, but do we really mean it? For that we can look at facebook to see what everyone is posting or tweeting. We will quickly learn the baby has been left behind! He has been replaced by a fat man in a red suit, by Christmas lists, sales ads, garland, cookies and Christmas lights galore. I personally have nothing against any of those things, especially the man in the red suit, he comes to our house every year, but let us not forget the BABY.


I have decided to take this first week of December, the 3rd through the 7th, to breakdown The Christmas Story to the kids. We will not be making wreaths or paper candy canes this first week…we are setting the first week of this month to focus on finding this precious baby boy who has been left behind. I hope you will join us on our journey.

Day 1: The Annunciation

*Read Luke 1:26-38 out loud to your children. (For no word from God will ever fail.” Luke 1:37 Awesome Scripture!)

*You could have them close their eyes and picture what you are reading.

*Now have them draw what they imagined the angel Gabriel looked like when he was speaking to Mary. If your child is too young to draw, google a color sheet about the Annunciation, many will pop up. 

*Discussion Time: Mary is a great person to follow as an example. An angel gave her some very surprising news. She was to be the mother of God’s son. What would people think of her? Was Mary willing to be what God wanted her to be? Sometimes we’re afraid to do what we know God wants. People might laugh or be mad at us. Talk to a parent about how you would feel if that happened. Try to choose what God wants. Then you will be following Mary’s example. (Live-It: from the Adventure Bible for Early Readers)

The Annunciation

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