Animal Kingdom Field Trip

Today was our first field trip of the school year. Because I am a seasonal cast member at Walt Disney World I get myself and my family into Disney for free a couple of times a year.  So, we surprised the kids this morning by taking them to Animal Kingdom. Since, this was a planned field trip, I brought notebooks and pencils for the girls to write down animals and plants that they saw today.

We were limited on our time because of our 6 month old prince and the Florida heat. But I wanted the girls to get out of the classroom for a day and explore the wild. We went down the Pangani Forest Exploration TrailThere we met a nice Disney cast member named Elise, who explained to the girls the similarities in the Okapi and their cousin the Giraffe.  She shared about their facial bone structure and how their tongues are 18 inches long! Further down the trail Victoria was able to ask questions about the Naked Mole Rats and the African Bullfrog. It was great learning about all the different animals. The girls were also able to practice their handwriting and spelling by writing down each of the animals’ names we saw on the trail. Our plan is to research each of these animals more in detail on Thursday of this week.

The world is our classroom and the best part is we are learning as a family!

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